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02 juil 2015
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F&S Retour sur les présentations culinaires qui ont eu lieu sur l’île de Bali au cours du mois de Juin dernier, 4 chefs français ( Alain Caron, Gilles Marx, Chris Salans et Jacques Pourcel ) qui de Ubud à Seminyak ont cuisinés pour la clientèle indonésienne au restaurant Mozaïc et Mozaïc Beach. La presse en parle beaucoup en Indonésie, et vu le succès de l’opération, l’évènement sera renouvelé au mois de mars prochain à Jakarta directement… vous en saurez plus bientôt.

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Mozaic Beach  Bali

The Mozaic restaurant in Bali recently held a masterclasses for culinary arts professionals and an interactive formal dinner in Ubud, Bali. Attendees include Michelin-Starred Chef Jacques Pourcel, of Montpellier’s Le Jardin des Sens, Chef Alain Caron, a French native current based in the Netherlands and Jakarta-based Chef Gilles Marx of Amuz fame. (The Peak Photos/Sari Kusumaningrum)

From the deep recesses of Ubud, past the lush green trees and shrubs, under the warmth of the Bali sun, the sound of knives emerges. The tapping of spoons occasionally punctuates the gentle murmur of a simmering pot. Standing above this is a parade of chefs — four to be exact — discussing ingredients, exchanging ideas and sharing laughs over comical moments in the cooking process.

This lively group came together as part of the French Connection, a three-day event that recently took place at the famed Mozaic Restaurant and Lounge. It aims to bring food from one of the world’s beloved cuisines to one of its most idyllic locales.

GLOBE médias Jakarta Indonésie

The brainchild of veritable chef Chris Salans, this gastronomic journey showcased French cooking from these outstanding chefs using local ingredients and highlighting their best dishes.

Salans, who grew up in the United States and France before relocating to Bali nearly two decades ago, has adapted much of his dishes and cooking styles to the region over the years. He always dreamed of bringing fine dining to Bali in ways that introduced local diners to a different cuisine and in turn showcased local ingredients to chefs from overseas. Through his restaurant, Mozaic Restaurant and Lounge, which focuses on Modern International Balinese cuisine, his book Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours and participation in food festivals and workshops, Salans has managed to foster intercultural connections of the culinary kind.

In a mix of formal masterclasses for culinary arts professionals and an interactive formal dinner, Salans invited to Bali Michelin-starred chef Jacques Pourcel, of Montpellier’s Le Jardin des Sens, chef Alain Caron, a French native currently based in the Netherlands and Jakarta-based chef Gilles Marx of Amuz fame.

The menus curated by the chefs, who worked in conjunction with both Salans and Chef James Ephraim from Mozaic Beach Club, featured French staples with an Asian flair. The resulting meal was a delectable spread that combined simplicity with elegance in a marriage that was well-received by diners familiar with the nuances of both cuisines.


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